ABOUT LevelUp time studio

LevelUp Time was created with one thing in mind: properly integrating STEM/STEAM education for neuro-diverse students. It’s difficult to find a program that actually teaches neuro-diverse children how to code rather than saying they serve that population and then giving the students the boot when they experience difficulty teaching in their sessions. So, I (Chris) sat down and began to remodel popular STEM curriculum’s utilizing the DIRFloortime educational methodology. Utilizing this approach I have successfully adapted and created instructional materials to help fit students individual needs.

As time moves forward, LevelUp Time has become so much more than this original concept. There are so many different types of learners, both young and old, and they all deserve a chance to learn new skills. LevelUp Time Studio has evolved to offer:

  1. Educational services for schools and businesses (Instructional Design)
  2. Digital Creation Services (Designs, video production, video editing, audio editng and production.)


Instructional Design

Curriculum’s are hard to adapt to evolving technologies. Even harder is finding someone to collect data and work alongside SME’s/industry experts when designing curriculum. LevelUp Time Studio offers professional instructional design services and practices.

Digital Creation

Digital production is a difficult task. Video editing, designing assets, audio production, live streaming, and social media services can be time consuming and confusing to learn. LevelUp Time Studio offers professional consultation and digital media production for both educational and business purposes.


Video games are on the rise and so is the need to gamify STEM curriculum’s. All STEM oriented curriculum’s here were originally adapted and/or developed for neuro-diverse students and can be adapted to any type of curriculum (K-12).

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