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What is Levelup Time?

LevelUp Time was created with one thing in mind: properly integrating STEM/STEAM education for neuro-diverse students. However, as time moved forward and as the climate began to change, LevelUp Time started to become more than just adapting STEM education for nuero diverse learners.

My goal has expanded to the inclusion of media literacy, video game literacy, training parents, and providing free materials for those who wish to adopt an inclusive learning lifestyle when it comes to educational technology.

So, below and on other pages, you will find links to my Blog, Podcast, & YouTube channel. I produce content weekly so be sure to subscribe to your medium of choice (or hopefully subscribe to all of my content), that way you don’t miss out on anything new!

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Chris Hernandez

EdTech Coach, Instructional Designer,

and Digital Creator


The blog is hosted on Wavium where you can mass subscribe to all of my content on a single page. Subscribing allows you to stay up to date on weekly content.

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EdTech Podcast

The podcast also has it’s own website (button below), but you can also catch it on Apple, Google, & Spotify. The podcast covers a wide range of topics dealing with educational technology.

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YouTube Channel

There are multiple series on the rise over on the YouTube channel. “Should Your Kids Play,” “EdTech Shorts,” and EdTech reviews are the main series in production. Stay tuned for more!

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Consultation & Digital Creation

Digital production is a difficult task. Video editing, designing assets, audio production, live streaming, and social media services can be time consuming and confusing to learn. LevelUp Time Studio offers professional consultation and digital media production for both educational and business purposes.

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Instructional Design

Curriculum’s are hard to adapt to evolving technologies. Even harder is finding someone to collect data and work alongside SME’s/industry experts when designing curriculum. LevelUp Time Studio offers professional instructional design services and practices.

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