A better way to teach


The concept for my studio has been a culmination of my desire to both work in education and media production.

After spending time learning about constructivist methodologies and learning how to apply that to teaching neuro-diverse students, I’ve developed a new way to teach coding called S.C.H.E.M.A. (oh no! yet another acronym) SCHEMA incorporates what traditional STEM & STEAM curriculum’s abandon by incorporating social learning, history, ethics, and media literacy into curriculum’s.

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Chris Hernandez


With a background in digital design and web development, I have over 10 years of experience in the design and development space. I’ve performed work for both large brands, chains, and small businesses. After spending a few years as a freelancer, I wanted to attempt to try my hand at working in the education field.

My first experience in education was as a Media Specialist creating digital content for a private school for neuro-diverse children in NYC (Ads, Social Media, Promotional Videos, etc.). I was soon involved with teaching students coding through video game design and development.

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